unpublished songs of irene brodie

irene brodie
Irene Brodie






All the songs featured were written by Irene Brodie (words and music)


Kiss Me And Smile


Men (Are The Absolute Terminus)


The Magic Is Still There


When I Tango


London Town

London Town was featured on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms Show when he tried to find out more about the small recording booth in London’s Selfridge’s department store where the song was recorded onto disc.

A recording of the programme will soon appear on this page.

I’m in Love with Two Eyes

I’m in love with two eyes
I want them for my own
I’m in love with two lips
The sweetest ever known
And I dream only about your kisses
Each moment that you’re away
My heart beats with love for you
Each hour of the night and the day
I’d give you the starlight
And I’d reach for the moon
If you’d let me love you
Don’t end this too soon
Oh, please let me go on dreaming
And I’ll always see blue skies
For I’ll stay in love with
Two eyes.


Floating on a Cloud

Floating on a cloud, on a beautiful morning in spring
I’m in love, I’m in love, and the skies up above
Are so blue, and I feel I must sing

My heart’s light as air, I haven’t a care
For I’m floating on a cloud
And I’m happy and gay on this wonderful day
And I feel like shouting aloud
That you love me, and I love you
All my dreams have come true
My heart sings out loud
For I’m floating along on a cloud.


Just once in a Blue Moon


It’s such a rare thing to find a love that’s true
Beyond comparing the fortune that’s for you
So if you’re lucky as I’ve been
Treasure your love, all it can mean


Just once in a blue moon to find someone like you
Just once in a blue moon to find a dream come true
I longed for and prayed for a romance such as this
I never remember such bliss

I met you I loved you, you know that from the start
And darling believe me I give you all my heart
My first love my last love Our hearts will be in tune
It happens, once in a blue moon.


Shall I Meet You My Love

Shall I meet you my love, will I see you again
Or will my heart cry on alone with its pain
Now I’m lost in a world of my imagination
Wondering if my arms caressed you in vain
For I drowned in your eyes
And I thrilled to your touch
And your voice was the music of love in my ears
Darling I can’t go on alone, I need you so much
Shall I meet you my love
Will you answer my tears


Came Love

I was alone, I was a suffering fool
Waiting in vain for the sound of the phone
You never called but there I was in my room
I should have known that it had to be
I never realised then there’s come a change
And my heartache would go
I’ve found a new lover now, I’ll always live him I know

Out of the pain and heartache came love
Out of the pain and heartache came love
I’d spend my nights in dreaming of the kiss you would bring
And all day long I’d wait home for the phone to ring
But through the pain and sorrow I found
That someone else liked hanging around
And now the ache has gone and skies are blue up above
For out of the pain and heartache came love