my own songs

I will be posting my own songs from time to time for you to listen to.


The October Song (a song for Brexit) – adapted in April 2019 from The September Song written by Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson in 1936.


A new Christmas song – written and recorded in December 2018


The Open Road

Recorded in November 1972 in the University College, London theatre, this song was on an EP on the Abrodisiac label. Here is the line-up:
Graham Hughes – lead vocal
Roger Burdock – lead guitar
Peter Brodie – 12-string and vocal harmony

I apologise for distortion but please persevere and have a listen:


I wrote Summer Breeze song in 1977. Here are a couple of covers:

This is Janet Feld’s version of Summer Breeze

And this is Cat and the Gang singing Summer Breeze – recorded at a studio in Shoreditch, London, UK

Cat and the Gang

… and here is my recording of Summer Breeze


When The Time Is Right‘ is the first song I ever wrote – in 1963.

When The Time Is Right

Here is a cover, recorded in 2018, by Adrian who has multitracked all parts himself. Who agrees with me that he sounds like Billy J Kramer (and the Dakotas)?


The Afternoons Are Cold Round Georgian Bay


Keep On Moving

This video was made for me by a company in Montreal, Canada.


The Things I Need


The Average Guy


Here is an attempt I made at writing 50s French film music … or maybe I wrote this piece and it turned out to be typical of French film music of the 1950s.


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